Jam Tots

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Jam Tots classes aim to develop musical skills early.
Your child will be introduced to a variety of different musical instruments and styles over a number of weeks, and as parents you will learn new songs and activities to recreate at home. The focus of the lessons in on exposure to music, developing performance skills and fostering a culture of imagination and creativity. Your child will be free to explore the relationship between sound, movement and play, supported by proven teaching methods.
Lucy, the class leader, is a qualified teacher with almost a decade of experience of teaching music in multiple contexts. She currently teaches music part-time in a school to children aged 7 to 18, runs choirs and a youth orchestra. Lucy has conducted research into early years music education and music education across the continent. She also has a very energetic and music-loving toddler, and the passion she has for teaching her daughter music has led to the development of Jam Tots.
Contact organiser for venue and pricing details.